Which One is Worth The Cost, Bed Bug Heater – Gas or Electric?

The issue of bed bug infestation and eradication is a serious topic when it comes to motels, hotels, apartment owners, cleaning companies, construction companies, professional pest control agencies and many more. For instance, many house owners are aware of the available methods used to kill these pests and are continually seeking the ones that are worth the quality as well as cost. Trailing behind suitable solutions, two major contestants have already flocked the market; gas and electric bed bug heaters. It is therefore wise to make a comparison between the two in order to make an informed decision while purchasing these products.  

 Over the years, the use of electrically powered bed bug heat treatment systems has gained reputation as one of the cheapest methods to control the pest in question. Since the latter can be easily optimized to produce a high temperature enough to kill bed bugs, some buyers consider it cheaper than gas powered devices. The need for a cleaner and efficient system in these devices has even made them more suitable for use by many households. Below are more benefits of the electric bed bug heaters: 

  1. Installation costs are much lower than in gas heaters 
  1. They are safer to control compared to gas powered heaters 
  1. Their components such as fans and extension cords are more long lasting 
  1. Ecologically friendly as they produce zero emissions of gases  
  1. There are several designs available with prices varying as per the purchasing ability of customers.  
  1. Heat loss is lower compared to gas bed bug heaters as they recycle heated air 
  1. They can be easily plugged in to electrical power lines available in an area. 

However, since some electric heaters consume high voltage, it may sometimes seem like a potential danger in case the large cords get tripped off and live.  

 Gas powered bed bug heaters also carry a substantial position in fighting these pests. Propane heaters are more popular compared to other gas-powered devices due to their high efficiency. They have thermostats and valves to control the fuel flow. They also operate in an open-air system to ensure complete burning of propane gas. Some designed gas heaters can even pump air up to three stories. Another benefit relate to the gas bed bug heaters is that they emit a minute amount of carbon dioxide into the surrounding environment which is considered safe by the authorities.  

 However, gas bed bug heaters may have the following drawbacks: 

  1. They are affected by drought effect when the back flowing cold air absorbs some of the heat thus leading to a loss in energy 
  1. The flame may extend beyond the burner and trigger a fire if it touches  flammable substances 
  1. They require additional installation costs and trained persons to operate. 

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