The Work of a Disability Lawyers

A person who is disabled due to an accident or a medical condition might be eligible for disability benefits from Social Security Administration (SAS). However, the disability program is quite complex. There are numerous strict rules and criteria for eligibility.  

The complexity of the disability eligibility program has led to many applications being denied even for those who meet the legal requirements. For such reasons, a lot of individuals hire disability lawyers to process the benefits they are entitled to.  

Disability lawyers have specialized knowledge of the Social Security System to offer various services to their clients.  

Let us look at some of their services.  

Reviewing your Situation and Advising  

A disability lawyer will listen to your case, find more detailed information about it and advise you on how best to proceed. Since they are conversant with the Social Security system, they will offer you information that will ensure you reach successful income.  

When you visit the attorney for the first time for consultation, the lawyer will ask numerous questions concerning your disability, employment record and medical history.  

Once you have explained everything to the attorney, they will advice you on the various types of benefits you stand to get from Social Security and the program you qualify for.  

A Disability Lawyer Has All the Answers 

A knowledgeable attorney knows a lot about Social Security system. When you suddenly become disabled, your world changes. You will be confused and overwhelmed about what to do, how to deal with the new medical condition and how to apply for the disability benefits. There are a lot of issues that will arise which you will need answers to. 

Perhaps you have applied for the benefits before but you were denied and you have no idea how to go about it again.  

A disability lawyer will answer all questions which may include; how much you can expect to receive and information needed to complete the application. The attorney will inform you the kind of Social Security disability benefit you qualify for and how much they charge for the service among others.  

The Disability Lawyer Files your initial Application  

When you are filing benefits application for the first time, you need an attorney present. Majority of first time applications are denied due to incorrectly filled application documents and insufficient medical information. 

A competent disability lawyer will ensure the application if filed correctly. The lawyer makes sure your application complies with the SSA filing requirements and deadlines.  

It is the responsibility of the lawyer to assist you in acquiring all the necessary employment and medical records to facilitate your claim.  

In case your first-time application is denied, the lawyer will file an appeal on your behalf. In many cases, applicants receive denials even if they meet all requirements set by SSA. The appeal is a tedious lengthy process which is best left with the disability lawyer. 

In Summary 

You have better chance getting your benefits when you employ a disability lawyer. Due to the complexity of the procedure, the attorney will be your best chance at getting your benefits in record time.

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