Indoor playground manufacturers are companies that focus on manufacturing premium quality indoor playground areas. You have probably come across structures made by these manufacturers. These are areas where kids can go to play that are within a building. Parents can take their kids there for a fun day or rather just drop them off to have fun while they go on with their activities or work without the hassle of constantly watching and worrying about their kids Orca Coast’s indoor play equipment. 

 Indoor playground manufacturers make indoor playground areas like those you find in amusement parks or malls. They include structures like indoor trampolines, kids’ ninja courses, climbing walls, and carrousels among many other structures. 

All playground structures made by these companies are required to meet EN 1176 and EN 1177 standards. On the other hand, trampoline parks and trampoline areas are required to meet ASTM standards. 

What they offer. 

These companies specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing,  and even renovating indoor playground equipment. Some of them go to the extra mile and do custom made structures not necessarily sell only what they manufacture as a company. So if a parent or rather a client has a particular structure in mind that is not offered by the company, these companies can create the structure for them if it is possible to create. 

Most Indoor playground manufacturers take a span of 7 to 25 days to create these pieces. This is dependent on the complexity of the structure. The simpler the structure the shorter the time is taken to create, and the more complex the structure, the longer it takes to make it. 

All the structures ado are supposed to be safe for kids of all ages. Therefore, they undergo inspection to check if they are fit for children and whether they meet the EN 1176 and EN 1177 standards. The purpose of these standards is to ensure safety when playing in, on, and around the playground equipment. So they are applied to every structure in an indoor playground. 

These companies also require certification to ensure that their products are safe for the environment or that the means used to make them is safe for the environment. They are also required to be certified and registered to produce and sell these products. This is again to ensure the complete safety of children who use the manufactured equipment. 


The products go for around $100 to $200 per square meter. So in total, you may end up spending up to $2000 to $3500 or even more for these products. It all depends on the size of the equipment you want to be delivered. 

The same applies to trampolines. It has similar pricing. Around $80 to $200 per square meter. 


Hopefully, the article has given you the insight you needed on indoor playground manufacturers. The information on what they are, what they do, and their prices should help give you a summary of what these specific manufacturing companies entail.