Tips for Arranging Furniture in Living Room Redecoration

Arranging furniture in a living room can be a challenging task. It is more challenging when you are redecorating your room to suit different tastes and personalities.  Over the years, interior designers have come up with tips that work. By following these tips, you will realize arranging furniture in your living room is a simple task. Such tips are; choosing a focal point, planning ahead, place furniture away from the walls, consider the flow of traffic, have a big coffee table, put tables at arm’s length, create conversation areas and find a balance between different furniture Artistica by Stephanie Cohen. 

Choosing a Focal Point 

In most living roomsa focal point seems to come naturally such as a built in fire mantel or a prominent window. In some rooms, you have to choose the focal point such as the television or the media set. Whatever focal point you choose, stick by it and arrange your furniture around that point as much as possible. 

Planning Ahead 

It is good to plan ahead when it comes to arranging your furniture for redecoration purposes. This helps identify if you need to buy extra items. By considering the focal point, sketch your desired floor plan to ensure that all your furniture will fit in the living room. 

Place Furniture Away From the Walls 

How far you place your furniture from the walls is determined by the size of your living room. Even with a small room, leave some little space between the wall and your furniture. When the living room space is big enough, arrange your furniture giving room to conversation areas in the middle of the living room. 

Consider the Flow of Traffic 

This is one of the most important factors to consider when redecorating your living room. Ensure there are a few feet or inches between chairs, and between the sofa and the coffee table. This allows room for people to pass through the living room without tripping on the furniture or on each other. 

Have a Big Coffee Table 

When deciding on the coffee table for your living room, it is advisable you get a big one. A large coffee table is ideal for function as well as aesthetic.  When you invite your friends over, the coffee table provides enough space for them to put their drinks or engage in games. You can also use the coffee table to display your accessories. In case you do not have a large table, two coffee tables are a good substitute. 

Put Tables at Arm’s Length  

Ensure that every seat has easy access to either the coffee table or the side tables. Avoid a living room plan that compels people to leave their seats when accessing their drinks. 

Create Conversation Areas 

Naturally people should talk to each other without shouting or craning their necks. Place your sofas and chairs close enough for people to converse effectively. In case of a large living room space, create multiple conversation areas. 

Find a Balance between Different Furniture 

Balance is vital during redecoration and more so when arranging furniture. Ensure to strike balance when placing all items, considering their different sizes. 


Following the tips above will help ease the job of redecorating your living room. It is also good to remain creative when redecorating your room and improvise whenever needed.