Pros and Cons of Apartments for Rent Vancouver

With its amazing mountain and art scenery, Vancouver is ideal to rent an apartment. The article provides a clear picture of what is associated with the city.  

A Picture of Vancouver 

Vancouver is located in British Columbia in Canada. With a large population full of different cultures, it provides for different varieties. 

On top of that, it has a Museum of Anthropology which is host for the nation’s first collections. It also has Vancouver Art Gallery which hosts work by regional artists. 

 This makes Vancouver an attractive place to rent an apartmentLet’s look at pros and cons of the city in case you want to rent an apartment.  


  1. Safety: Unlike Montreal, it has a fairly low crime rate. This means your goods are secured. 
  1. Children’s hospital is well funded: This means children get ready and available access to medical care.  
  1. Largest City port in country: Vancouver provides for an opportunity to invest as businesses have a higher chance growing here. The port is an access point to the world at large. 
  1. Growing tech Industry: The level of technology is on the come up. With the universities created, Vancouver is blossoming in the tech sector. 
  1. Highest English-speaking region: The region provides for English speakers as compared to other parts in the country. It is therefore amazing to rent apartments here. 
  1. Diversity: Vancouver has a large Asian population. This provides for variety in the city. 
  1. World renowned skiing destination: Vancouver offers one of the best skiing destinations in the world. This makes it appealing to rent an apartment to enjoy this perk. 
  1. Warm Climate: Unlike other regions, the temperature is majorly warm.  The weather is good for taking walks and skiing. 


  1. High Standards of Living: Vancouver living is expensive. As immigration keeps on growing, the prices keep on spiking.  
  1. Drug dealing: In downtown Vancouver, drug trafficking has been on the rise. This makes it less secure living in that part of the city.  
  1. Congestion: Vancouver has a high congestion rate. This makes moving through the city inconvenient.  
  1.  Poor Public Transport: The sky train does not cover the whole region. This combined with people’s refusal to use public system is a clear problem in the region.  To arrive in style, you made need to contact a Limo Rental Vancouver
  1. Cost of housing is high: As compare to regions like Seattle the cost of housing is expensive in the region.  
  1. Polluted waters: Rivers in the region have been polluted by improper disposal by people in the area. The rivers that were once swimmable are no more. 
  1. High disparity between the poor and rich: Vancouver is home to one of the most expensive real estates in the world. To rent in the region you need to afford it which is not possible with the growing gap between rich and poor.  

Vancouver is a beautiful region to rent an apartment. That being said the cost of living in the region is high, It is even expensive to find a Limo Vancouver phone number.

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